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Over The Void

FROM 2014-03-20 TO 2014-04-30

The challenges brought up by an empty canvas or by the exclusive employment of one only color, are embraced naturally by Miguelangelo Veiga. Cuts, fragmentations, or even material’s dissections, are some of the artist’s exercises while dealing with canvas and painting. “’Over The Void’ represents the exploration of tabula rasa’s potentialities, transformed into a kind of palimpsest, where images erase and repeat themselves.” explains Miguelangelo Veiga. The artist develops environments of wreckage, cleaning and rebuilding new shapes through these spaces: by using painting (acrylics on canvas) and Indian ink Miguelangelo Veiga unveils a rough language.

Miguelangelo Veiga’s choice is lined up with Edge Arts’ outlay on Portuguese artists who are placed outside of the usual commercial circuit and whose work must be valued and promoted. The artist was awarded in the competition “Jovens Pintores Fidelidade Mundial” (2004) and incorporated in, among others programs, the Lisbon Architecture Triennial’s Associated Project, exhibited at Gulbenkian (CAMJAP), at BES Art & Finance and in Washington. Besides Miguelangelo Veiga’s canvas and drawings, the show will also include the videos Intercontinental and Featuring Julio, that essentially rise up the same questions observed on his painting. Representation always hides fundamental features and reasons that are necessary to the main understanding of an artwork.