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Did you know the walls have ears?

FROM 2013-09-26 TO 2013-11-21

“Manuela Pimentel works with posters normally affixed to tiled walls in the street which she transforms and recycles, turning them into … tiles. It is the revolt of the tile, fought by the artist Manuela Pimentel. The tile liberation movement is gathering momentum. Little by little the walls of our buildings are re-emerging, no longer covered in posters. Manuela has developed an observation of street messages, graffiti and stencils that can be considered clinical and even addictive. She peruses walls, delighting in anonymous messages, slogans, appeals. She is receptive to the stimuli of the vast urban book formed by our cities’ streets, although with a dark side: posters unconsciously affixed over historical tiles

“I am a lover of the histories and stories of things. We spend a long time in the streets, consciously or unconsciously, and we absorb most of the messages we receive through advertising, more or less social and political messages from street art. I started to work on this, on what these messages convey to us, the feelings, fears, loves, humour.”

In parallel, Manuela has developed another project, called Impressões de Risco. The aim is to create pieces that everyone can afford.(…)”

Ana Jorge, 2013