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FROM 2016-05-05 TO 2016-05-29

A part of my research about images, and their potential handling like drawing and painting, converges on vegetal and animal universe. Plants, flours and birds constitute a subject that allows me to explore the line within a complex level of configurations. Vegetal and animal universes let me establish a connection between my childhood memories that spent with my paternal grandparents in the village, the artwork of French painters of the late 19th century and my daily fruition from my balcony, looking to the outside garden and to the plants of my atelier. On a fast digital and technological word, I am interested in preserving a relationship with the natural as a way of encounter a primordial harmony as an act of endurance and survival.

The exhibition at the Espaço Amoreiras’ atrium is an invasion of the natural that searches the contrast between the functionalism of the building and the waving lines of plants and animals. The set of drawing and paintings organized itself on a dynamic composition through the space, inviting the observer to make a journey through the installed artworks.

Jorge Leal, 2016