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FROM 2018-10-31 TO 2018-12-14

Generation is Constança Clara’s first solo exhibition, which takes place at Espaço Amoreiras’ atrium. The exhibition focuses on the images that emerge from the artist’s experiences with Nature. This art selection presents an installation that appeals to a sensorial experience and a set of study objects about the gestures of stones, plants and animals.
The proposed intervention for the atrium creates a new, ephemeral, site, that works with the light as a shaping element of space. At the atrium, the natural light penetrates this installation through a series of light openings, that enables a dialogue between the two (in and out) spaces, while focusing on the sunlight and moonlight paths throughout the day and night.
In addition to the installation, the exhibition is also formed by sculptural objects, photographs, drawings and paintings. These art forms are hybrid shapes that interconnect the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms, where the combination of natural elements and others – found or appropriated – with the human artifice, creates new and surprising images.