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III tracks II obstacles

FROM 2018-03-08 TO 2018-04-08

Thierry Ferreira’s artistic work focus on a synthesized form of a house, a “metaphor concerning the human body” in the sense that the structure protects and isolates the human being from the outside world. His large sculptures “inhabit the world” as “shells where memories and experiences accumulate”. They are spaces formed by steel structures, sometimes painted, which install themselves on the urban or rural landscape and allow the visitor to wander, by moving through the sculpture or getting inside and remaining in it.

The artistic career of this artist has led him to several places around the world, where he had installed his sculptures in public spaces, studying how the sculpture interacts with the public and the spaces surrounding it. Thierry Ferreira’s artwork seek to summon a virtual space, typical of modernist practices, and an escape from this virtual space towards the real.

The exhibition “III tracks II obstacles” presented in the Espaço Amoreiras’ atrium showed the artist’s conscious perspective, who projected the incisive gesture of a racing arena scenario at a circular space located between business offices and a fitness center. The running tracks promote the desire of going, encourage the movement, the proactivity and the challenge. Between them were placed two sculptures, titled CUBIC # 51021013 and CUBIC # 51021092, formed by a painted galvanized steel structure and a bar of racing obstacles. The juxtaposition of this contemporary artistic installation without any specific function in spaces which are mainly made for “high performance businesses”, triggered a confrontation of ideas and realities.

Thierry Ferreira proposed a place of action that his sculptures readjust, between the jump and the stillness, the public could create a unique experience.