Design - Ilustrated Natural History

"Who isn't in love with beautiful illustrations and scientific books of Natural History? Since there is Art there's also Science, and these are two areas that always go hand in hand. During this workshop, students will experiment and find different drawing techniques with a view to creating a book of scientific illustration divided between studies of birds and botany. ""

Maria Sassetti

Monitor: Maria Sassetti
Duration: 3 sessions (1 session per week)
Schedule: Wednesday | 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Target: adults
Minimum number of participants: 4
Price per person: 35 €

Workshop for Children - Drawing Maps

"Around our house there are many places like that, there are ways that we prefer to follow, houses of many colors we know and paths that lead us where we want. Let us think and find the maps of our city, using unexpected techniques - from the chalk decal on wax - a journey through the streets, gardens and spaces that inhabit our memory!"

Maria Sassetti and Xana Sousa

Monitors: Maria Sassetti and Xana Sousa
Schedule: Saturday 10.30am - 1pm
Target: 6-12 years
Minimum number of entries: 4
Price per child: 5 €

Theatre - Adults and Children

"In this course we will explore the most creative ability and imagination. Come and learn to relax, liberate, and express yourself through fun games and exercises and different than we are accustomed. Theatre does everything well. Get out of your comfort zone and learn to travel in the world of imagination, of the characters, environments and memories. Who does not like to be surprised with himself?"

Mariana Amaral

Monitor: Mariana Amaral
Duration: 2 months (1 session per week)

Price per adult/month: 50 €
Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday | 6.45pm - 8.45pm

Price per child (6-12 years) month: 45 €
Schedule: Wednesday | 5pm - 6.30pm

Photography - Cyanotype Photos

"Intended for those interested in new experiences and new materials, the photographic technique of cyanotype lets you create compositions of blue tones, through exposure to the sun. In this workshop we will use brackets which are sensitive to light, various papers and fabrics, which our image will be recorded on a photographic negative or a pattern on acetate."

Xana Sousa

Monitor: Xana Sousa
Duration: 2 days
Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday | 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Target: adults
Minimum number of participants: 4
Price per person: 35 €