Art Institute


Founded on April 11, 2011, the ARTE INSTITUTE is a non-profit organization that promotes and showcases the artistic culture of Portugal. It is a space that offers a creative environment for Portuguese artists in the fields of art, literature, music, dance and film.

The ARTE INSTITUTE provides an intercultural space of inspiration and is a catalyst for innovative artistic dialogue between the various communities of New York and Portuguese artists. This environment favors a single exchange of views between traditional and non-traditional, since art can overcome audiences of different cultures.

Casa Museu


A Casa-Museu da Fundação Medeiros e Almeida alberga uma coleção de Artes Decorativas deixada a Portugal pelo empresário António de Medeiros e Almeida (1895-1986).

Aberto ao público, o espólio encontra-se disposto em 25 salas, tendo vários núcleos como os de mobiliário, pintura, escultura, ourivesaria, arte sacra e têxteis, destacando-se as coleções de Relógios, Porcelana da China e de Pratas, expostas em salas próprias.

Trienal de Arquitetura de Lisboa


The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is a non-profit association whose mission is to research, foster and promote architectural thinking and practice. It holds a major forum every three years for the debate, discussion and dissemination of architecture across geographic and disciplinary boundaries. The first Triennale, "Urban Voids" took place in 2007 with a programme of international exhibitions, competitions and conferences drawing 52,000 visitors and participants.

In 2010, its second edition "Let’s Talk About Houses" consolidated the Triennale’s presence in the circuit of events devoted to architecture with an estimated 154,000 attendees. Now, from its new headquarters in the Sinel de Cordes Palace, where a creative cluster is being established, the Triennale organizes as well "Intervalo", a programme which happens between each edition of the Triennale event. The Lisbon Architecture Triennale was distinguished in its three editions (2007, 2010 and 2013) with the High Patronage of His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic and since 2010, it was also awarded the status of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture.

Close, Closer


12 September - 15 December 2013
Chief Curator: Beatrice Galilee
Curators: José Esparza, Mariana Pestana, Liam Young
Assistant Curator: Dani Admiss

Close, Closer, the third edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale examines the political, technological, emotional, institutional, and critical forms of global spatial practice. Led by chief curator Beatrice Galilee and curators José Esparza, Mariana Pestana, and Liam Young, the Triennale will provide a platform for emerging practitioners and protagonists whose work and interests are far from a traditional client-architect model. The exhibitions, conferences, talks, and fringe events organised by the curatorial team should introduce to the public, and a new generation of architects, this expansive and often unchartered field.

Close, Closer  will present three exhibitions, one public programme, an e-publishing series, a studentprize, and a Début Award for young architects, in addition to an established Lifetime Achievement Award. It will also introduce a number of small Crisis Buster grants that will be used to invest in longterm, civic, and entrepreneurial projects for Lisbon. Each exhibition, event, or intervention will present a different strand of experimental spatial practice. These range from strategic political or social interventions, cutting edge digital technology to fiction, memory, performance to the role of museums, journals and theorists.

For three months from September 2013, the Lisbon Architecture Triennale will be a critical platform for the plurality of contemporary spatial practice. The events and exhibitions will introduce architecture as a discipline that is not exclusive to professionals or defined only by buildings, but rather as an expanding field with which, amongst others, sociologists, scientists, curators and artists are all dynamically and radically engaging.